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Welcome to PalS!  Our great toddler group!  


From 1.15pm onwards the children play with lots of different toys, enjoy crafts, songs and snacks and you can relax and chat!

There is self service tea and coffee for you to enjoy anytime and we only cost £1 per family!    Tidy up time will be at 2.45pm


We realise how lonely and isolating it can be to have young children so our emphasis is on building community and friendship between Mums and Carers.  We are not aiming to pack the hall out, more to create a safe, fun environment for little ones to play and a really warm welcoming place for Mums to come and make real friends.

We have a regular Mums nite out to give you chance to relax and enjoy grown up time!

we also have trips booked for little ones and for the whole family.


We love new faces so come and check us out!