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What to expect on a Sunday.... Sunday Church is a time when the whole church comes together.  Music, teaching, video clips, kids club and creche are examples of what goes on at Sunday Church.  It is a safe place for you and your family to come wherever you are on your journey

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kids & youth





Welcome to Sundays at Greenfinch


We are your Church for your community, dedicated to serving the people around Greenfinch Avenue

We would love you to join us for our Sunday experience



Our doors open at 10am every Sunday. We serve coffee, tea and cakes until 10.30 giving everyone a chance to sit, mingle, chat, catch up, generally get to know each other better and catch breath at the end of a busy week


We serve coffee because we believe in building community and getting to know one another. (As an aside, if you come on the first Sunday of the month you will be likely to be handed a bacon roll and a coffee – how good is that)?

If you are a visitor I guarantee you won’t feel intimidated when you come in and as you sit and drink around a table someone will be very happy to come and chat with you


Our service proper starts at 10.45


Coming at 10.45 you are likely to see a fun video clip or be welcomed by the morning host before the band launch into some modern songs. We always follow this with a talk designed specifically to help you wherever you are in life


Our aim is to encourage and equip people for the week to come, and so a lot of what you hear will be very practical and very encouraging, giving next steps towards a better life


So come and give us a look, we look forward to seeing you